Working visa in Russia

  • Our services
    • Official registration of employment documents (labor contract);
    • Processing documents for a multiple work visa of one year’s duration, which gives you and your family the opportunity to stay in Russia without leaving the country for up to year, submit documents for registration for the whole period of stay. Your visa can be prolonged for a new period through the Federal Migration Service in Russia.
  • How does it work?

    An official labor agreement will be concluded between you and our company, which will enable us to process an invitation for a single-work visa. The visa will be issued by the Russian Embassy or Consulate abroad for a 3-month period. Upon your arrival in Russia the above visa will be transferred to a 1 year multiple-entry visa. The registration will be issued for the whole period of the validity of the visa. The visa will be determined for a new one year period through the Federal Migration Service in Russia.

  • Benefits

    Basically our system enables you to stay in Russia legally for one year and provides you with peace of mind for a reasonable price.
    If you have a multi-entry business visa you can only stay (but not work) in Russia for 90 days in any 180-day period. The only way round this is to take four single-entry 3 month business visas per year. This is not only expensive (travel, accommodation and meals, consular fees), but is also highly disruptive to both your private and professional life. Working on a tourist or student visa is also illegal, but will also drastically restrict the scope of the activities you can undertake.
    We, therefore, urge anyone who is serious about teaching in Russia to consider our proposal.

  • Cost of our services

    Cost of the annual services is 1450 Euro per year, which includes:

    • Processing of invitation for a single work visa (17 days);
    • Transfer of the single work visa into a 1 year multiple-entry visa (17 days);
    • Registration for one year period (additional registration should be paid extra - 50 Euro per each entry);
    • Prolongation of the multiple visa for the next one year period (under condition of payment of annual service for the next year).
  • Extra expenses

    Payroll expenses of 5000 roubles per month which will be used IN FULL to cover your salary and all taxes and social security contributions as set by Russian legislation. Your salary will be transferred to your bank account or credit card after the following deductions: 6% tax in accordance with the simplified tax system, 20.2% company insurance deductions, 13% income tax if you are a tax resident(more than 184 days in Russia) or 30% if you are a non-tax resident(less than 184 days in Russia).

    In this way, supplementary expenses for tax and social security contributions will be as follows: 2390 roubles per month if you are a tax resident, or 2900 roubles per month if you are a non-tax resident.

    We also charge 3000 roubles per month for accounting services. This sum covers calculation of salary, transfer of relevant taxes and transfer of your salary to your bank card.

    Insofar as a foreign national becomes a tax resident on the 184th day of his stay in Russia, he maintains this status for the duration of his employment.

    Payroll expenses and payment for accounting services should be transferred to our account for 3 months in advance.

  • Is it legal?

    Yes, it is absolutely legal. That is why we ask you to cover your payroll expenses to enable us to repay all the necessary taxes and transfer your salary to your credit card or bank account.

    If necessary, we are able to provide you with an official tax receipt, which will enable you to avoid dual taxation, if such an agreement exists between the Russian Federation and the country of your origin.

  • What documents are required?
    • Notary translation of passport
    • Copy of the document confirming a higher education degree
    • Open account or a plastic card in any Russian bank
  • How to become our client?

    We deal with foreign language teachers from the EU countries, USA and Canada who work in Moscow privately. We will be pleased to provide a free consultation in our office in Moscow.